Real Estate

Dates & Deadlines

Basic Version:

  • Simplicity - nothing complicated, just the necessities.

  • Easy point of entry to set the Mutual Execution of Contract Date and the length of closing (30, 45, or 60 days).

  • Automatic poplulation of most common contingencies used in a real estate transaction.

  • Know immediately if a contingency deadline falls on a weekend or holiday.

  • Ability to manually edit the dates.

  • 30 day FREE test drive!

  • Android: $1.99 / month or $20.00 / annually if paid in advance

  • ​iOS: $0.99 / day, $1.99 / month or $20.00 / annually if paid in advance

What do you get?

A simple solution

At REDeadline we've developed a way to simplify a daunting task every real estate agent has had to contend with at some time in their career while writing an offer to purchase property.   It's the real estate dates and deadlines. Those pesky "time is of the essence", ​contingency, dates used to keep Buyers, Sellers, and Agents on task so they can get to closing and fulfill all the necessary contingencies along the way.  

For most new agents, this alone can take upwards of an hour to complete.  Do you have that kind of time to spare in a competitive market where multiple offers are commonplace?  Probably not.  You don't have the luxury of spending that extra hour putting your offer together for your Buyer.  You need to be ready to present your offer quickly, if necessary.  

This awesome app allows you to keep your hands on the heartbeat of your transactions at all times.  You'll never have to worry about planning out your contingencies again because they will be done for you AUTOMATICALLY!  Imagine how impressed your Buyers will be when you come back to them with a prepared offer, ready for them to review and sign, in a fraction of the time other agents may have taken in the past.  

In today's market, you never want to be "a day late and a dollar short" bringing your "highest and best" to the table.