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Dates & Deadlines

How to use this APP

Upon launching the application, you will be presented with the Mutual Execution of Contract Date selection screen.  On this screen, you can select your MEC date by one of two methods.

Use the left side of the window to select the month and date

Use the right side of the window to scroll through the calendar

Secondly, you will have the option to select the closing time frame.  This is done by clicking on the designated closing period which defaults to 30 Day Closing.  By doing this, a drop down feature will allow you to select the other options of 45 days or 60 days.

Once you have selected your date and closing time frame, select OK.

You will now be presented with the contingencies and, dates and deadlines.  To modify a date for a specific contingency, simply touch the line where the contingency is shown.  This will enlarge the line and present a description of the calculation of time, and provide two buttons for increasing or decreasing the days.  

You will notice that when a contingency date is modified, any of the proceding contingencies that may have been calculated based upon the original contingency date will also change.  The description of the formula used to make the calculation will also reflect whether you increased the days or decreased them.

You will need to continue making adjustments down the list until your dates are the way you want them.  Contingency dates prior to the one being modified will not revert back or change based upon new changes down the list.

To exit the date editing feature, touch the contingency description line again.

To scroll down the list, swipe the screen either up or down.

To return to the Mutual Execution of Contract Date entry screen, touch the button at the top of the screen showing the MEC date.